Friday, October 23, 2009

Rally to save Michigan film incentive


"Help Michigan Get Back To Work" and stop legislation from cutting the Michigan Film Incentive

Supporters of the film industry will join Big Screen Michigan on Monday, (10/26) at 7pm in the Crofoot Ballroom (Pontiac) to address the action needed against legislative efforts to cut the current Michigan Film Tax Incentive - which threatens to curtail movie, television and video game production from being made in Michigan. This is a free event, open to the public. The effort is organized and sponsored by a coalition of filmmakers, television prodcuers and video game designers as well as business owners, tax payers and Michigan workers. Learn how to help save the MFI. Doors at 6 - Rally at 7

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Joe said...

People really need to understand the bigger picture here. I have been a producer in Hollywood for about 12 years now. We only look for cheap filming locations and then pack up are bags and go home. I agree that it will generate income, However, not enough to pay back the tax breaks that your state will lend out. In order for this to happen it would take years of establishement that Michigan can not afford. Plus as a producer, I dont really want to hire people from Michigan that have no production experience. It will take years for people to get on the band wagon. Most of production people even in the films filming now in MI are from LA.. Also extras do not make 1,000 a day. Extras are not even in the union (Screen Actors Guild) in Michigan..

Be smart people. For your own good hope they reduce this to 30% with cap like almost everywhere else.