Sunday, October 11, 2009

Space Night - Hidden Ghost Balloon (Space)Ship / Silver(Space)ghost / Johnny Head(-Space)band

(Shows should be more like events! Like happenings! Costumes encouraged!)
Thus, we had "Space Night." As Johnny Headband spearheaded a night of similarly-spacey-situated bands - with the electronic new wave of Silverghost and the atmospheric art-rock of Hidden Ghost Balloon Ship - tin-foil was everywhere! Arun from Eons joined Silverghost's set - which included a fine new tune - as well as their intense and propulsive take on Devo's "Mongloid" - Hidden Ghost played almost an entirely new set - (and by new, I mean, very few songs from the record they released for free online, last year) - which slid from their more ethereal synthy-string accompaniment to a more rocky-organ thing - along with a quasi-Pas/Cal reunion of drummer LTD, singer/guitarist Trever Naud (HGBS) and cameo from guitarist Richard Pan!c (of JHB). (photos below: Mike Milo)

Johnny Headband (who, meanwhile, were celebrating the release of their EP - Phase 3 -more info at their site) brought back the old favorite of the smoke machine and succeeded in making their set into a nice building of energy and dynamism - it's one thing to come out and be striking, it's another to sustain it, like some sort of flexed muscle - only to steadily strip your toggery and have your space-make up glisten with sweat as you set a fine funk groove upon the crowd.

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