Saturday, March 6, 2010

Blowout "Day" 3

So, how's your Blowout?

Apologies for how inarticulate this is... -

What I saw of Pigeon: Fast, intense, potent, loud - shred-rock with melody, blurring guitars with intricate noodling.

Randy (Deastro/Mirror Image) showcased songs as SX-8-Columbia - which, a quick trip here seems to denote that this is the new or alternate name for the Deastro-writing - back to his original set up of just-him-and-his-robots/computers, but darker, subdued melodies and bass-heavy synths - ...the more darkwave-leaning goth style of Chabot's recent kick - as opposed to Mirror Image's leaning towards C-86 styles.

Caught the end of Swamp Sisters - sunny steppin' minimalist guitar-pop, well done, fine melodies - (of course, that's through a song-and-a-half).

Bars of Gold - recalls that tired refrain of pondering aloud - that you're absolutely baffled that a band this freakishly good is tucked away in the corners of Hamtramck, a grade A, prime performance exceeding typical Blowout expectations - great to see Brandon back in town, on drums.

Black Lodge - this set was what Blowout is all about..., simply because the name of the festival perfectly describes the set - a parade of guests, including Troy Gregory and Jesus Chainsaw Massacre (the latter having a complete night of contributing noise or music to every performance they attended.) While the band held it down locking in tight with freak-funk/post-punk, singer Kyle was able to put on a clinic of frontman/showmanship - spilling yelling charming flaiilng - fucking rocked it...

Hi-Speed Dubbing - 'round 1am at Kelly's (possibly one of the worst juke-boxes imaginable)
the new stuff sounds great.

Weekend's Winner so far: Black Lodge
94% photos: mike milo 2%: me 4% Lo-Fi-Bri/Carjack


X said...

i'm going to have to steal these pics. man, what a night! glad to see you.

jeff milo said...

somewhat following the fairness doctrine applied to various broadcasting entities - DC is forwarding a response to JCM's Blowout Travel Guide "picks":

Dear the guy from the Jesus and Mary Chainsaw Massacre,

Thank you so much for your informative and poignant article on the 2010 Hamtramck Blowout. It’s about time a Detroit artist spent two-thirds of a blog post regarding an upcoming local music festival describing how every participating band but his own and the other one in which he has a guest spot is terrible. This city’s had it too good for too long, and really needs to be taken down a peg or two. With fingers like claw-hammers to the keyboard, your trenchant blows will surely raze the scene in a manner which I can only hope will plow the way for fresher, more forward-thinking acts of which you also happen to be a member.

What Detroit needs now is a band with the creative intuition to turn this whole stale scene upside-down, something never before heard or committed to record within the borders of our fair city – preferably with jangly distorted guitar, atonal yelping vocals, and an enormous chip on its shoulder. We can all learn something from your musical prowess and borderline social functionality. I look forward with baited breath to sharing the stage with you at future events which you hate but in which you will participate if it gets you even more undeserved attention. You are a paragon of originality, a class act, and a true patriot.

With Love And Honor,
Jeremy of the Beekeepers (the one whom looks like Brendan Fraser.)

PS - If you couldn’t tell, I was being sarcastic!

PPS - I just realized that that last line could in itself be interpreted as sarcasm. It is in fact sincere.

PPPS - Pot luck is at Terry’s tonight. It’s your turn to bring the Barq’s!

The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre said...

lol wut