Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mission of Burma are coming 4/8 - Blind Pig, Ann Arbor - wanna go?

America's own post-punk aristocrats have slogged out hard hooking, meaty murky dark rocking slices of confrontational and enlivening rock-fired music for a quarter century. And they're making a visit to Ann Arbor on April 8th - paired with Detroit's own Chapstick.

The slight problem being - that, as most of you may be Detroit (or Metro-Detroit)-set and...thus, Ann Arbor seems like a long, gas-consuming trek for you, in these trying times of $2.80+ per gallon -

But what if, when you get there, you already have your ticket? What if you also had the chance to score a free copy of Mission of Burma's latest, The Sound, The Speed, The Light (dc review, here) - on vinyl + a 7" for their latest single: "Innermost." ???

Sounds nice enough right?

Contribute to the music dialogue - post your top 3 favorite MoB songs below and then send me an email (my contact's over there, to the left) and we'll get you situated.

4/8 - Blind Pig -Mission of Burma + Chapstick

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X said...

in no order:

fever moon
that's when i reach for my revolver
academy fight song