Friday, March 5, 2010

Carjack's Picks for the 2nd half of Blowout

Ed. Of course, to feasibly/physically-follow this, I suggest you clone thyself thrice-over:

Lo-Fi Bri’s picks for Friday and Saturday:

“Yes Yes - The mutha fucking' Blowout is back.

13 years strong and will continue to rock longer than the frickin' Energizer bunny.

Why? Cuz this town oozes with musical talent. It always has, and always will.

That's what we do.

- Lo-Fi BRI"


9:20 - Skippers - SX-8 Columbia - Randolph Chabot's new sonic endeavor.

9:20 - Whiskey in the Jar - Space Band - Randy's other new project playing at the same time. Actually I have no idea. Just like the name & the Whiskey's always a great way to start your night -Blowout or no Blowout.

9:40 - Paychecks - Forget - a who's who of Pink Eye Red China Wildcatting alumni & then some. Start your night out with some chaos.

9:40 - Smalls - Pigeon - Saw them at DIY Fest and they killed it. Ray Oscillator, Tony Vegas, Justin with the beats & more..

10:20 - Painted Lady - Swamp Sisters - Love their song on the new Sweet Sounds of Detroit comp. Netty B!

10:20 - Belmont - Rogue Satellites - I heard their drummer's got a robotic arm.

10:40 - Smalls - Bars of Gold - So Brandon Wildcatting is flying in from D.C. for this shit. You KNOW he's gonna blow it up on DRUMS. As if he ever needed an excuse before.

11:40 - G of C Lounge - Black Lodge - All I hear is great things about this band. Can't wait too see them.

Midnight - New Dodge - The Sights - Eddie's a bad ass. And throws down every time. Looking forward to hearing the new configuration.

12:20 - Kellys - Hi Speed Dubbing - Justin Audio Skywalker's years of experimental noise basement tapes turned tightest new band in the city. This is their year.

12:40 - Paychecks - Marco Polio & the New Vaccines - Carjack's brothers in crime.


“Ok - I'm not even gonna attempt to pick just one band per slot.

Saturday is extremely top heavy with all kinds of talent.

You honestly can't lose on this night & will be torn in the process.”

9:20 - Atlas Lounge - The Mahonies - 'We're the fuck are my keeeeeeeeeeeys!!!!" Enough said. Craig's the man.

10:00 - Gates of Columbus - Secret Twins - To see why all the blogs are crushin' on them.

10:20 - Paychecks - Duende! - White light White Heat Americana Style. Tight as hell too & can out play you too.

10:20 - Bakers Streetcar- Dial 81 - Local MC with all kinds of strange beats & flows. Straight outta Clawson. The man behind Beverly Fre$h's production.

11:00 - Gates of Columbus - Child Bite - It's Child Bite for fuck sake. Just Go.

11:40 - Bakers Streetcar - Electric Fire Babies - New wave booty dance party get down. Non stop. We can't wait for this!

Midnight - Gates of Columbus - Silver Ghost - So I''ve had their cassette in my car all last year and have yet to pop it out of my cassette deck.

12: 20am- Paychecks - The Beggars - Instant party. Just add beer & sweat bands. Did I mention I opened up for them once at the Silverdome?

12: 20am- Painted Lady - Timmy's Organism - The man's a walking local damaged art punk institution at this point. Mad respect. And always delivers at Blowout too. Go see him. Watch out for flying octopi, fireworks, unidentified hot dog parts & acrylics.

1: 00am- Skippers - Oscillating Fan Club - Last year's Blowout they covered the Who's 'A Quick One While He's Away'. Definitely was one of the top highlights I saw all weekend. Can't wait to see what they got up their sleeves this year. (And just a stumble away from the G of C too)


"The big underdog bar this year might end up being Skippers.

It's gotta bunch of bands that I've never seen and it's like 50 feet away from the Gates of Columbus. Sounds easy enough.

Also, pitch that alphabetical listing guides and group bars into geographies.

The best way to see a bunch of bands on any given night is hit up the separate neighborhoods.

You really can't lose from this point out. Hell yes!"

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