Friday, March 12, 2010


Kill the rest of your afternoon off by watching and listening to stuff....
The Parenthetical Girls have a new album coming out - Privilege Pt 1 - On Death and Endearments - a 5-song EP-ish sized affair of epic baroque pop that is the first of 5 - which completes an odyssey-esque album - eventually - in about a year.

Info here.

You can just download the single "Evelyn McHale" here
Or watch the video:

Parenthetical Girls "Evelyn McHale" from judesays on Vimeo.

Titus Adronicus - an indie rock band named for a Shakespeare play - are now tackling the American Civil War for subject material of their forthcoming work: The Monitor - which came out just a few days ago...

To get a taste:
Titus Adronicus - "Four Score and Seven" - Part 1 and Part 2

Info here and here

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion are getting the re-issue treatment and are starting things off on March 30th with Dirty Shirt Rock n Roll - The First Ten Years on Majordomo Records (by way of Shout Factory). There'll be plenty more written about that later on - but I think it's worth your time to take in a marvelous interview/conversation facilitated by one of Spencer's contemporaries and comrades in the realm of intense live presentation, a fellow soul-loving skinny white boy who dresses sharp and waves his thick black hair around: Ian Svenonious (most renowned of Make Up fame), via his Soft Focus interview series via VBS TV online.

More soon.....thanks for reading....(listening, watching...)

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