Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pattys Day - Science Day - Peaches Day

Wednesday - if one is willing to sacrifice one's whole self, physically, to the spirits of St Patrick's Day - be it Guinness or Whiskey or rock n roll - then one can camp out at The New Way Bar in Ferndale, Mar 17th - for Black Lodge (pictured) with The Luckouts, Pewter Cub, Pigeon, Almost Free and Karalavara - starts at 8pm - lotta music to cram in... more info here

Then, Thursday night - At The Detroit Science Center - Science Rocks gets a sequel - hosting another night of local music-infused-learning - Silverghost, Darling Imperial, The Prime Ministers - and The Electric Fire Babies (pictured below) - will perform throughout the interactive facilities. Info here and here

And, finally - on Friday - The Satin Peaches (pictured below) are releasing a new EP into the world - Arsenic - at the Magic Bag in Ferndale. Almost Free will also be on this bill - along with The Fake Take and...I take pause at this admirable band name, One Man's Opinion. More info here

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