Monday, March 1, 2010

Photo Recon Catch Up

It's been a while since I cleared the photo-reconnaissance vaults

It's probably most useful to start with the most recent and then scroll backwards through time

The Hentchmen played the Park Bar last weekend; a benefit for The Hub of Detroit - and Back Alley Bikes Youth Education programs

Also last Saturday -

Aran Ruth opened up for cool cats space rockers Silverghost and Zoos of Berlin - she has a new 7" out, collaborating with Scott Michalski - more info at Aran's Blog.

And then all the random's...

Gardens opening up for Lee Marvin Computer Arm's Loving Touch (Ferndale) show, back on 2/20 - (LMAC released a single at said-show - and are currently working on a new album).


The High Strung (above) headlined the Majestic Cafe on 2/19 - an hibernation-damning type show to shake off the winter dust and get ready for the Spring release of their new record Dragon Dicks!

Similarly, 800-Beloved (left) gave a characteristically rare live performance (though they're starting to pop up here and there more often) in the lead up to this month's release of their 2nd LP - Everything Purple.

Keep your eyes peeled and ears bent.


Opening up for 800-Beloved and, subsequently, Bars of Gold (who...subsequently, will, also, have a record ready soon)...was...pictured above, the Trumbullplex-born porch-folk enthusiasts Brotown and the Beefcaves.

And, pictured (left) is Dina from the swiftly up-and-coming indie/punk/pop duo Secret Twins - recently named "Best Band You Haven't Heard" by RD Weekly - how many of you haven't heard them yet?
This shot was from their performance at the WOMEN in Art Celebration, at The Crofoot last month.


Then, a staple in audacious performance art, Carjack, knocked over rows of chairs and tables at a recent gig with the Rogue Satellites.


The Hounds Below have added Mick Bassett and Ben Luckett on keys and drums respectively - pictured here, Ben, Molly and Jason - the remaining original members, played a Lager House set before they all went westward for some California shows.

....and I think that's it for now.....
(94.3% of photos by mike milo)

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