Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ypsilanti - April 2nd (....or Ferndale?)

If you're really bookin' it, ...70' and crusin... Pontiac is only a twenty minute drive... Much as its often lightly bemoaned by the 8 and 9 -mile set suburbanites who'd just as soon quickly wheel down to Hamtramck rather than drive through the corporate mini-scrapers looming at the sides of I-75 on your way up there. But all that really wears on you is the commute.

Get over it. Even, in these days of rising gas prices as the days get warmer...inching up to almost 2.85 by now (and, if you're reading this a few days later, maybe 2.94 by now)... Pack yourself some CDs (or...plug in your iPod--have it your way) and actually give yourself some musical meditation behind the wheel - make it part of your night.

Because, damn it, Ypsilanti, by comparison..., if you're really booking it, is only 30-35 minutes. That's an almost all of the Frustrations first LP, or about-half of Titus Adronicus' new trip, or at least most of the new Liars album - and more than twice over the Chase That Jackrabbit EP - by the Ferdy Mayne. Play 'em through and give yourself a drive - and listen to some great Ypsilanti bands who can't always find the time to visit you, here in Detroit.

Case in point, the Ferdy Mayne...or Nathan K., or Chris Bathgate - all Ypsi/Arbor-ites...

...whom, one always whines at the back of their head, that they sure wish would play Detroit more... ah well. It shouldn't be ignored if the three of them get together...for an Ypsi-set Elbow Room show...
- Well, technically - for Nathan K.'s official debut of his full length, Newspapers and Prayers (review here).

will put on a somewhat rare live show (he came out for this year's Mittenfest but is biding time between commendable work at Ann Arbor's Neutral Zone - more info on that, soon), and singer/songwriter Shane O'Malley Firek, the shaggy topped rail and dynamic showman, will perform a solo set away from his main band, the Ferdy Mayne, in support of Nathan and his rousing, communal clap and sing-along jangled folk fire.

We'll even get a visit from a Flint band, Morseville Bridge.

April 2 - Elbow Room

In other news, an endearing rock n roll band, close to DC's heart....for nostalgic and anecdotal reasons involving bowling and broken windows at a house party - please check out the Beggars new video - either here or here. (Not to run counterpoint to my Ypsilanti rant, but...let's say you're low on gas? Or you prefer the windmill barrage and charm of the Beggars for your Friday night - then you can hear all their new songs from their forthcoming record, at the Magic Bag -(-most of you can walk to this...)


...busy.......busy gettin' rad.....

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