Friday, March 5, 2010

Life Sucks 2 - by Kommie Kilpatrick

Kommie Kilpatrick play the Atlas Lounge - Saturday 3/6 (part of Metro Times Blowout) with The Bill Bondsmen / Johnny Ill / and The Mahonies -

Accost these gentlemen and inquire about CD (rambled about, below)

Kommie Kilpatrick’s
latest 5-song release has a shorter run time than the Beatle’s “Hey Jude.” Recorded live last month, one has to admire the, ‘Wellp! Record’s Done...” ethos, they resurrect from the confrontational, empowering, impassioned charge of seminal hardcore punk: fast clattered cymbal sheered drums, roaring, slogging guitar n bass drums (sometimes burying the more distinctive surfy-twanged lead) and barking, howling, motormouth vocals, snidely sneering out scenes of depravity, nihilism and maybe a wee bit of paranoia (for the latter, see the fiery guitars following discernable hooks and pounding anthemic chorus of “Brain Stuff”). Grimy, growling dishevelment, finely capturing punk’s characteristic pithiness (and embraceable rowdiness).

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