Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday and Sunday Stuff

Science Rocks (at the Detroit Science Center) was a fascinating musical excursioin - Silverghost soundtracked a documentary about sharks - with film scrolling across a dome-shaped IMAX screen that drawfed the two players and their faint but resolute lamp set up - leading to acid-trip imagery of bubbles and schools of fish rolling over our heads to the swirly sounds of synthesizers and at times picturing 100-foot long Great Whites hovering just over the pair's heads. They played somewhat downbeat, more chill, unplugged-feeling versions of their songs - with 4-5 minute space-out atmospheric jams in-between...

The Prime Ministers impressed me - I'd never seen them, making this a fortuitous night - highly recommended; at times feeling like the middle ground of Sea & Cake and the Smithereens (pardon the lazy name dropping).

And The Electric Fire Babies were tighter than ever - covering Liquid Liquid and, still, getting the whole crowd to lay down on the floor.

Darling Imperial opened things up and Single Barrel Detroit premiered a 4-song video of Zoos of Berlin inside the Masonic Temple.
Also in the news: If you politely, non-bindingly suggest that Michiganders should try going one day (just one day) without eating meat - then we end up with some hyperbolic uproar (that wastes the state legislature's time, distracting from budget concerns)...all of which further fueling my already considerable paranoia at the, albeit perhaps somewhat-mild, prejudice to vegan lifestyles...if not, merely, tofu - as a national butt-of-a-joke.
Also, here's an interview with Ted Leo (at tinymixtapes) - and here's a review of his band, The Pharmacist's latest record, Brutalist Bricks.
Also, Saturday (tonight) is Phreddy Wischusen (of the Crofoot)'s 30th Birthday and he's offering you a free show - featuring Zoos of Berlin, Oblisk, Manna & Quail and Prussia - here's an interview.

That's all for now...

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Steve Barman said...

I, unfortunately, left my camera in the car and couldn't snap a quick picture of you and Deleano in the jam room. Boooo!