Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Big Read - Maltese Falcon - Ferndale Public Library - 2/27 Kick-Off

So...are you done with the book yet? Are you reading The Maltese Falcon? I know you've probably seen the movie - and yes, they run pretty similarly - but, honestly, if you haven't started reading it (at the behest of both your friends and the Ferndale Public Library) then you might as well not consider yourself a true Ferndalian...(is that what we call ourselves? Ferndaler? Ferndaley!)

The Ferndale Public Library is hosting a month's long community-wide book-club-esque experience, where we all read the same book - that's Maltese, pay attention, sweetheart - and gather together for fun and engaging events - where the community can get to know not only just their library (and all of it's valuable treasures, glories and vital services) but each other.

So then, February 27th is the kick-off party, at the Library (currently, while the main spot's getting souped up with construction, located at 642 E. Nine Mile Rd. ) where they'll have 1920's-40's costume contest - derby hats, pearls, white gloves, shark-skin suits, all that jazz. From there, on March 3rd, Affirmations community center will host "How to Read/Watch Like a Professor" - with Wayne State U's Prof's Jerry Herron / Lesley Brill and Kirsten Thompson will give tips regarding the reading of nuanced texts - specifically books and films...and films based on books, etc.

For more information on The Big Read, the first kick-off party (2/27) and the following meetings - go to the library site.

Pick up the book. It reads fast. Sharp. Snappy. Finish it. Get a costume. Show up. Don't gum up the works! Be an angel. Tell us what's on your mind...besides yer hat!!

...even more info - check Kelly's 780.00's blog

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