Thursday, February 25, 2010

fur. - sugarcoats - yeasayer - ginger tea - deerhunter

I'm trying to get myself closer to "Blowout" mode...

Asking a bunch of other bands about which bands they particularly want to see has gotten me thinking (and stressing, twitching, itching) about where the hell I think I'll want to end up - for whose set will I want to make sure to stumble onto, all harried and hurried, in from the cold, to hopefully catch two songs of...

All this while infusing a rotating aural lunch of cheesified no one's watching nintendoey-Alex-F-Theme-glory of disco-pop (Body Electric), mixed with Yeasayer's "Ambling Alp," where I can't help but get pumped up and misty and glitzy when I hear the wonderous wail, "Stick up for yourself...never mind what anybody else done..." I am balancing this with ginger-tea -that I really wish was stronger...have I already burned out my latest addiction?

But, all that said - I will definitely try to check out Chapstick - (on Wednesday) who, if myspace ID's are to be believed, spends half the time in Ypsilanti, Michigan and the other San Antonio TX...

But I think the real reason I'm writing this post right now is that I am smitten with a song and intrigued by a band. Which might be daily occurrences for you or me -

but....but, it's worth noting, or expressing, unabashedly, that I've listened to The Sugarcoats' "Spinning Gold" at least 4 times today, in all it's wailing/twanging punk-wrung-country-kicked glory - (they play Thursday night during the Blowout.) Listen here.

And then, without knowing/hearing or checking other blog's back-pages for references - I opened up fur.'s page - and the incorrigable love I hold for the wavy bass grooves, screechy guitars and herky-jerky rhythms - all realms of what's commonly spat out (in bar-side commentary) as post-punk/no-wave/art-rock etc etc (forgive the tired genres) - sometimes you just have to go listen....(here)

or watch below
(fur. play Thursday night also)

Metro Times Blowout 13 - Mar 3 - Mar 6 - Hamtramck
More "Band's Travel Guides" to come - featuring members of Oscillating Fan Club/Pigeon and Electric Fire Babies/Carjack..


Oh, and another spastically splattered random thought - Deerhunter is joining Spoon at the Royal Oak theatre at the end of the month - with the commendable Strange Boys opening things up. Spoon - everybody loves Spoon. And Deerhunter, I would really like to chat-with/innerview 'em for that show - but I wouldn't be sure where to abstruse, esoteric and cool..., but Strange Boys--will hopefully turn some heads when they come through - get there early. Early--and this is certainly an "early" post for a show that's more than 30 days away...

Today's aural desert is a new solo songwriting project by Lightning Love's Ben Collins - called "Ghost Stories" - but more on that, I promise... both Ben and Lightning Love.


How's that for a bloggy post.

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