Tuesday, February 23, 2010

more Things of Note...for Thur-Fri-Sat: - FernCare / MCR

With the economy in a month's-long-tailspin - Ferncare and the Phoenix Cafe are shining like a beacon of selflessness, communal spirit and humanity - and to celebrate both - locals like Duende!, Black Lodge and Old Empire - (with the poster here) - and a link to motorcityrocks' post about it here.

Ferncare, meanwhile, is a burgeoning, volunteer-run, free clinic, aiming to provide whatever care is most needed throughout the community, specifically to the un-insured or under-insured. Info here and here.

The Phoenix Cafe is an essential community gather center; a performance/arts-space aiming to spur communal unity on pressing issues from the economy, to the environment, to promotion/preservation of the arts. More info here - and even more info here.

The fundraiser is Friday (2/26) and Saturday (2/27) with a $10 donation towards patient care.

Meanwhile, as I linked to motorcityrocks.com up there, for their FernCare post - one should also note that they are subsequently hosting their own show - and it's this Thursday.

What's refreshing about this is - for the first time I can remember, the date and time are (much) bigger fonts than the bands... Not to harp on the small attention span of this generation of internet-seekers and youtoobers and what-have-yous--but, heh, then again - I'm already double-posting MCR's stuff...here's to blogs!

But, in all honesty - MRC has been, to abandon sophisticated diction, kickin some ass...in the coverage department as of late - DC not only recommends this show for the sake of Marco Polio and Jesus Chainsaw's no-wave-leaning antics - but also as a nod to MCR's work in supporting/promoting local music/art ...keep it up.

P.S. - [Ed. Anybody miss the 4Play/4Track page in Real D yet?]

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