Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blowout - Part 4 of Local Band's "Travel Guides" (Silverghost / Kommie Kilpatrick)

Hello again – more Blowout picks from local bands on the line up – a massive-line-up - that includes 200 bands and 15 venues – spread across the quaint cluttered Detroit hamlet of Hamtramck – brought to you (here, for the 13th year) by The Metro Times.

All access wrist bands are $20 and you can find info here. Blowout happens March 3 - March 6.

The hardcore leaning/passionate-punchy/quasi-spazzed-hard-shredded punk rock quintet Kommie Kilpatrick (below) sent Zak, the drummer to put together some picks...

“I think (Blowout)’s great," Zak said, "I like having the option to see 50 or whatever bands a night. I can watch a band for a few songs then hop on a trolley or shuttle bus, maybe get a free vitamin water, and then go see a different band. It's good if you have a short attention span. And it's nice to have a weekend where all of my roommates and friends are all playing, and we can check out each others bands and just hang out. This is our first time playing so I'm excited about that, too."


Keep On Trash DJ's- these guys play good records (dance party in the Magic Stick’s Garden Bowl bar). They DJ'd Sunday nights on the Alley Deck and it was always cool. F'ke Blood (Majestic Café – midnight) - I like this band, and they don't play too often, so when they do I try and catch them.

Superdollar (Skipper’s at midnight). They're pretty new. It's our old bass player’s band. They do a sick cover off Billy Joel's "You May Be Right". I'm probably gonna stay in the first part of the night so I can watch 30 Rock.

Beekeepers (Jean’s at 11pm) - this band is alot of fun. They have a saxophone and sometimes sound a little like Sparks. I think. The Alarm Clocks - An old 60's garage rock band form Cleveland. This sounds fun. They have stuff on Norton Records?

We play (Atlas Bar, 11:40pm), with The Mahonies, Johnny Ill Band and Bill Bondsmen. I will just stay here all night. Definitely the PUNK show of the weekend. The Mahonies and Bill Bondsmen don't play too much nowadays, and Johnny Ill is always great.


Next up – Silverghost (above)- the straightly-combed jet-black and fire-orange haired pair with their mesmerizing harmonies and delectable electro-pop offer their picks. Deleano (synth) and Marcie (guitar) also perform with F’ke Blood. Silverghost, meanwhile, plays Saturday, midnight at the G of C Hall.

Wednesday (with all bands play throughout the Majestic Theatre complex)
Keep on Trash DJ's: Always play the purest jams Sugarcoats: Very good country-punk-rock-n-roll Computer Perfection: Fashion Pop F'ke Blood: We like this band because we are a part of it.

Paychecks seems to have a good lineup this night w/ Zoos of Berlin, Carjack and Fawn. We would like to see Invincible (midnight, G of C Hall), which we have only heard great things about her.

Bars of Gold (10:40 Small’s), Marco Polio & the New Vaccines (12:40 Paychecks), The Juliets (9:40 G of C Lounge), Satin Peaches (12:20 Atlas Bar). This looks like a lot of driving between venues and experiencing the fresh taste of nice cold beers.

Kommie Kilpatrick and Johhny Ill @ Atlas. Gates of Columbus Halll is where Silverghost is playing so we'll check out all the bands in the lounge and hall, Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor, Cold Wave, Lightning Love, Child Bite, Millions of Brazillians. Los Minstrels del Diablos (12:40 Small’s) do very cool interactive visual media in conjunction with their music, and they were wearing skull masks when we played with them.

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komkil said...

the schedule got changed around so now the alarm clocks are playing saturday and I'll have to miss my new friday pick will be the sights/hard lessons show.