Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Sunny Day In Glasgow

This Philly dream-pop trio(/collective) have released a new EP based around "Nitetime Rainbows" - a track from last year's odyssey-like ethereal fuzz-rock excursion Ashes Grammar - provided here is the more condense and poppier flipside-feeling "Daytime Rainbows," blended in with newer flavores for the ASDIG aesthetic, with looped accoustic guitars and a more golden sunny jangly thing ("So Bloody, So Tight") over their usual hushed and hallow-feeling harmony haze. "Piano Lessons" moves them away from their typically shoegaze-interpretted sound and more into a synth-centered sound, dark, 8-bit bass, a blippy churning thing dashed with pianos and a ghostly serenade. This EP features a re-editing of the title track by Benoit Pioulard as well as remixes from The Buddy System and Ezekiel Honig.

More info at ASDIG's site.

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