Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blowout (Mar 3 - Mar 6) - Part 2 of Local Band's Travel Guide (Personal Picks of Prussia and Spitting Nickels)

Another post featurning local bands offering their personal picks for the Blowout schedule...

Because one human being can see only so many bands - out of the 200 or so listed.

More info at Metro Time's site - and the schedule (3/3 - 3/6 in Hamtramck, MI) can be found here.

In the meantime, we feature picks from members of Prussia - a spacey-indie/tribal-folk freak psyche thing that continually evolves (as they currently work on their 3rd proper full-length); and Spitting Nickels, a heartening hometown fav of blue-collar rockers specializing in soul, blues, grit and garage.


Ryan Spencer's up first (singer/guitarist of Prussia seen above, in a video by Trever Long); you can see his band 11:20pm at Jean's on Saturday - Ed. When D.C. put out the call for bands to offer picks, Ryan was first to respond, - the man had his mind made up and knew where his heart would lead him

"I want to see Marco Polio & The New Vaccines (Friday, 12:40pm, Paychecks), cuz i like em,... Child Bite (Saturday, 11pm, G of C), cuz they sooo good... Matt Jones (Thursday 8:30pm, G of C Lounge)...cuz i like his album... and Robin Parrent (Friday, 9:40pm, Kelly's)...cuz he's our BOYYYY...


John Bissa (of Spitting Nickels-above) offered up his thoughts on MT's Blowout:

(meanwhile, Spitting Nickels performs Friday, 10pm - at the New Dodge)

The best thing about Blowout is that it turns me into one of those lab rats that the scientists used to feed a 400x dose of caffeine to. There's so many bands that I've a.) always wanted to see b.) caught something online that sounds very promising or c.) become a sucker for after reading those pithy one sentence teases in the Metro Times guide that I blast around Hamtramck convinced I can catch ten a night.

The one thing I try to avoid is seeing a band that I've already seen -- it is all about what's new to me.....
Blowout is truly is an orgy of music and I just don't care if there are occasional strike outs -- the surprise home runs are far more often the case and are the reason I love Blowout.

Here's a handful that have qualified under (a) or (b) that are on my list this year:

Computer Perfection (Wednesday 10:30 - Majestic Cafe) -- for the harmonies

Electromags (Thursday, 9:40, Kelly's Bar) -- I love surf and I love Kelly's

Darling Imperial (Thursday, 11:20, G of C Lounge) -- way overdue to see these guys

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor (Saturday, 10:20 - G of C Lounge)-- I need some reverb

I, Crime (Saturday, 12:20, Jean's) -- overdue on these guys, too

Jamie Register and the Glendales (Saturday 9:20, Jean's)-- Just sounds like a party

P.S. - Spitting Nickels has a new record, Stop Don't/Yes coming in April.

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