Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh, by the way...

A few things to note, all ye plugged-in-hipsters -

--The most obvious - The Blowout Schedule is out. Read more here or here.

--Lee Marvin Computer Arm have a new record ready (news here) and are offering it up, along with a live performance, 2/20 - at the Loving Touch in Ferndale.

--The Rogue Satellites and Carjack are playing live at the Majestic Cafe on 2/12

And, coming up next Thursday- (pictured above) Kommie Kilpatrick, a DC-favorite (and by that tag I mean the blog you're reading...not the District of Columbia--even if they're hardcore-angled punk sounds incontrovertibly nourished from the early 80's muscley insano's) - are performing in the Garden Bowl (below the Magic Stick) on 2/19 with Tyvek - Holy Shit! - and Frustrations. That is a good loud, bone rattling night of punk and drinks and debauchery and intense music.

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